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Happy Trails Living


Happy Trails Living is a private, monthly publication exclusively for the residents of Nature Trail. Each month features articles about the families, kids, pets, and life in this wonderful community.

If you are a local business and would like more information about becoming a Community Sponsor, please get in touch! And if you are a resident of Nature Trail who would like to be featured in an upcoming issue, or would like to nominate a neighbor for a feature, please reach out.


Happy Trails is a monthly lifestyle magazine that is designed to share YOUR story, the family stories, and social events happening in the Nature Trail community. Our vision is to be a vital partner where families connect and common bonds are shared, all through the power of story-telling.

The magazine is by, for, and about our Nature Trail community, and you are invited to be a central part of it! If you are a resident, please take a moment to connect by filling out the form through the link below. Thank you!

Have you worked with a business that you would recommend to others? Please use the form below to tell us about them!


Does your business provide a great product or service to Nature Trail? If so, supporting Nature Trail’s private magazine, Happy Trails Living, is a great way to support the community and stay in front of residents.

We are selective about the business partners we include in the publication and at events. We look for those that have a strong word-of-mouth presence already, and provide a high-level of customer service.

If you are interested in supporting the community over the long-term, you might be a good fit for Happy Trails.

We look for businesses that:

• Have strong word-of-mouth presence (70% are recommended to us by residents themselves)
• Stable—they aren’t going anywhere for at least three years. If they’re new, they have a good plan.
• Want to invest in the community.
• Provide a quality product or service that residents tell us they want.
• Provide a high-level of service above the competition, they are typically best-in-class.
• Want to grow. Some businesses are great but unavailable or do not need new business.
• Last but not least, they’re nice people that we want to work with for a long time!

Think your business is a good fit? Drop us a line today to start the conversation.

Our Team

testimonial photo

Meet Kate Treick

Before I was a photographer, I was a history teacher. Seven years ago I opened my photography studio here in Pensacola, and I love helping families to tell their family story by through custom portraits. When I was given the opportunity to tell the stories of Nature Trail families through the Happy Trails publication, I jumped at the chance! I see it as a privilege to help turn this neighborhood into a community by sharing the stories of its residents.

Nature Trail is a unique community, and I am happy to tell its stories. You will see me at many events with my husband Joel, pastor of Pinewoods Church, and our two kids, Lily and Jack. If you see me with my camera, please come say hello! I look forward to talking with you more and getting to know you and your family. If you would like to be featured in an upcoming issue, please contact me at kate.treick@n2pub.com

—Kate Treick, Owner/Area Director

Meet Lisa Hutcheson

I joined the Happy Trails and N2 publishing community in 2019, as a Publications Assistant and Events Coordinator. I have a background in communications and journalism, including a professional career as a journalist and a couple of decades writing for various venues including governors, non-profit organizations, businesses and a university. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Florida State University and have called Pensacola home since 2001.

—Lisa Hutcheson, Ad Manager and Content Coordinator
Connect with Nature Trail

If you own a business and would like to connect with the community of Nature Trail, please drop your email below and we will be in touch!

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