Be A Sponsor

Be a Sponsor

Does your business provide a great product or service to Nature Trail? If so, supporting Nature Trail’s Happy Trails is a great way to support the community and stay in front of residents. 
We are selective about the business partners we include in the publication and at events. We look for those that have a strong word-of-mouth presence already, and provide a high-level of customer service. 

If you are interested in supporting the community over the long-term, not in being a solicitor trying to make a quick buck, you might be a good fit for Happy Trails.

We look for businesses that:

• Have strong word-of-mouth presence (70% are recommended to us by residents themselves).
• Stable—they aren’t going anywhere for at least three years. If they’re new, they have a good plan.
• Want to invest in the community and aren’t just trying to make a quick buck and then move on. 
• Provide a quality product or service that residents tell us they want. 
• Provide a high-level of service above the competition, they are typically best-in-class.
• Want to grow. Some businesses are great but unavailable or do not need new business.
• Last but not least, they’re nice people that we want to work with for a long-time!

Think your business is a good fit? Drop us a line today to start the conversation.

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